Why does stainless steel seamless pipe have good bearing capacity

The Seamless Steel Line Pipe is made of perforated whole round steel, and the steel pipe without weld seam on the surface is called seamless steel pipe. According to the production method, seamless steel pipes can be divided into hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, cold-rolled seamless steel pipes, cold-drawn seamless steel pipes, extruded seamless steel pipes, and pipe jacking. According to the cross-sectional shape, the seamless steel pipe is divided into two types: round and special-shaped.Seamless steel pipes are mainly used as petroleum geological drilling pipes, cracking pipes for petrochemicals, boiler pipes, bearing pipes and high-precision structural steel pipes for automobiles, tractors and aviation.


Stainless steel seamless pipes have good bearing performance and can withstand large impact forces. Currently widely used in frameworks. When the vehicle is turning at high speed or braking suddenly, the high-strength steel pipe can easily absorb the strong impact. The impact force ensures the risk and maneuverability of the vehicle in emergency driving situations, and protects the body well.

Practice has proved that there is an approximate correspondence between the hardness value and the strength value between various hardness values of metal materials, thus ensuring that the thick-walled large-diameter seamless steel pipe has such a good bearing capacity. Steel pipe bearing capacity. Because the hardness value is determined by the initial plastic deformation resistance and the continuous plastic deformation resistance, the higher the material strength, the higher the plastic deformation resistance, and the higher the hardness value.

After the stainless steel seamless pipe yields to a certain extent, the deformation resistance of the steel pipe is improved again due to the rearrangement of the internal grains. At this time, although the deformation develops rapidly, it can only increase with the increase of stress. increase with increasing stress until the stress reaches an upper limit.

Post time: Jul-06-2022